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Follow our handy step-by-step guide that will help prepare you for buying a home

1. Get a Mortgage Pre-Approval

Knowing the maximum you qualify for will assist you with deciding on your budget. That always helps right. 

Kanitha Boranprasit is dual licensed as a Mortgage Agent with Mortgage Intelligence.  You can complete an online application here to get started with the pre-approval process.

2. Wants & needs list

Looking at houses is an exciting time!  Creating a wants and needs list is important.  It will give you better guidance in making decisions with prospective houses.

3. Round table with Realtor

Let’s get to work!  Build a relationship and help discover what you are looking for. 

  • Important that an agent understands You and helps You figure out Your needs. Depending on your experience as a Buyer, may mean more direction is needed to help You understand more what you are looking for. An experienced agent will ask the right questions up front and throughout the process to better understand as buyer’s desires may change as they are looking.
  • We will review real estate documents & process
  • Review of closing costs – lawyer & land transfer tax

4. Set up searches

Searches in the areas you’re looking for both active and recently sold listings.

  • Reviewing listings that recently sold will assist with keeping a pulse on current market conditions and help with setting expectations.
  • From experience, be open minded as sometimes Buyer’s think they know what they want but Agents want to give you exposure to help you better clarify what you may be really looking for.

5. See HOMES! 

A good amount is 4-5 houses per day but also depends on where you are looking. If it is spread out then closer to 3-4 is good. It can be kind of exhausting, overwhelming, and of course exciting.

6. FOUND THE ONE! – Write an offer! 

There are a variety of ways to craft an offer.  It will largely depend on the listing, sellers circumstances, and of course your circumstances.  Below are a few key factors:

  • Are there multiple offers?
  • Is there a offer Date?
  • Is it within your budget  – as homes can be underpriced in this market
  • How long has it been on the market? 
  • Understanding the seller’s situation will enable you to write a better offer.
  • History of the property
  • Clauses – Mortgage and/or Inspection, Condo Status Cert, etc. 
    • Does the situation allow using specific clauses?
  • Possession Date – does it line up with your plans? Sellers plans? This can be used as well during negotiating.
  • Deposit – within 24 hours from acceptance or submitted with the offer

7. Accepted Offer! Music to your ears! 

Congratulations! Now what? 

  1. Deposit submitted within 24 hours of acceptance if not submitted with the offer. 
  2. *If applicable, work through outstanding buyer conditions prior to the respective deadlines. For each condition, decided to fulfill (move forward) or to be released from the agreement. The following clauses are the most common, but more can be included depending on the scenario.
  • Mortgage Clause – timeline could be 3-7 days to finalize the pre-approval. Appraisal to be booked if lender requests.
  • Inspection Clause – timeline usually lines up with mortgage clause timeline, 3-7 days.  They typically can be booked within 1-2 days notice.
  • Status Certificate (if applicable) – usually a shorter timeline, possibly 2-3 days for your solicitor to review.
  • Once all buyer and seller conditions are fulfilled, you have a FIRM deal! Next you’ll prepare for your CLOSING date! 

4. Decide on a lawyer to complete the purchase. Connect us and we will be able to forward all documentation so they can prepare for the closing of your new home!

5. Be excited as the steps all came together and enjoy the re-visits while preparing to move!

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